What Is A Lyric Video?

Lyric videos are a new trend in the music industry that is not only catching on with the fans, but also with major record labels and artists. A lyric video is usually easier and less costly to make compared to a traditional music video. Also it can provide music fans with more of an opportunity for engagement. But you may be wondering, what is a lyric video?

If you’d like to know what a lyric video actually is and if it is better for an artist compared to making a traditional music video, keep reading this article!

What is a lyric video?

Lyric videos are a relatively new type of video that is gaining increasing popularity in recent years. A lyric video is basically a music video that displays the lyrics of a song on screen as they are sung by the artist. It usually combines the lyrics with visuals to create a more immersive experience for the viewer.

A lyric video can be as simple as simply showing the lyrics on screen without much variation on top of a plain static background (eg the cover artwork of the song or album). But it could also be very complex, by adding effects and transitions to the lyrics and featuring animated scenes and moving backgrounds that go with the lyrics.

Are you a music artist looking for a professional lyric video? The type of lyric video that you get will mainly depend on your budget and what style you deem suitable for your song.

How is a lyric video different to a music video?

Unlike music videos, lyric videos usually just show the lyrics of the song and do not have any videography associated with it. They usually also feature some type of visuals that go with the lyrics, but these are usually produced using video software (such as Adobe After Effects). So in most cases there’s no need to shoot any actual video footage, as you would do if you were making a regular music video.

On the other hand, traditional music videos are usually made by professional music video directors and videographers. Their main goal is to create a visually stunning and professional looking video that is also able to tell a story and convey a message to the viewer.

Lyric video vs music video – Which is better and why?

So, you may be wondering: Is making a lyric video better than shooting a regular music video?

Lyric videos are an easy, quick, and affordable way for artists to reach out to their fans and deliver their songs in a visual and more engaging way. They allow for listeners to appreciate and interpret the lyrics of their favorite songs in new ways, something that traditional music videos often lack. They are also perfect for artists who are posting and trying to promote their music on video sharing and social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and of course, YouTube.

Traditional music videos are usually more time-consuming and expensive to make, but they have been around for a very long time and most probably aren’t going anywhere any time soon. They are an important asset for artists who are trying to tell a story and convey a message to their fans. At the same time, they’re allowing artists to brand themselves and connect with their audience in a deeper level.

Which type of video should a music artist choose?

Nowadays, many artists choose to release only lyric videos instead of traditional music videos. That happens because they are usually cheaper and easier to make compared to shooting a professional music video. But even if you have the budget to make a regular music video, lyric videos should be seen as an additional opportunity for artists to promote their new songs or albums. So if you do have the budget, your best option would be to make both types of videos.

Actually, many major artists nowadays produce both lyric videos and regular music videos for their songs for this exact same reason. As having their song in an additional video format is another chance for their song to be on the spotlight once again and for music fans to view and share it with their friends.

So basically, if you’re an artist trying to figure out which type of video you should choose, this is my advice: If you don’t have the budget (or time) to shoot a regular music video, I’d suggest to get just a lyric video for now. Or if you do have the budget, try to get both and release them a few weeks apart. This way you can get additional exposure to your song from each video.


Lyric videos allow music artists who don’t have the means to fund a traditional music video production to still get their music out there and reach their audience and potentially gain new fans and increase their fanbase, like they would with a regular music video.

Traditional music videos still play an important role for strengthening an artist’s brand and improving their image, as well as helping them connect with their fans in a deeper level. But they can often be expensive and time-consuming.

Ideally, as an artist you should try to get both types of videos for your song if your budget allows it. But if you’re on a low budget, a lyric video alone would be a great investment for your music as well.

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